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Core Facilities

The Office of Research Core Facilities works to leverage equipment, resources and highly qualified staff that are accessible by a broad group of researchers within and outside of UH. Although cores exist at the University, college and department level, they maintain a common organizational umbrella under the Division of Research. The Office also manages research buildings and works with the colleges to address and meet research infrastructure needs.

    • Animal Behavior Core
      Services: the UH ABC is available to all UH researchers that would like to use ABC equipment, or want to request rodent behavioral testing. External clients may request a full range of behavioral testing services offered by the UH ABC.
      Facilities: approximately 2000 ft2 of area, 11 separate testing rooms, wide variety of behavioral testing equipment, all assessments are available for both mouse and rat models, latest Noldus software for acquisition and analysis of numerous behavioral measures.
    • Animal Care Operations
      Services: ACO provides professional veterinary, surgical, and animal care services. Training is available on the care and use of animals for UH faculty, staff, and trainees.
      Equipment: Autoclaves, Class II Hoods, Clean Air Cabinets, Rack Assemblies, Work Stations, etc.
    • Burdette Keeland, Jr. Design Exploration Center
      Services: fabrication space for students at the University of Houston College of Architecture and Design with over 50 total machines. Equipped with the latest in wood working, metal working, and digital fabrication tools. Students who have attended safety orientations and instructional demonstrations have convenient access to important tools of their professions, providing them valuable experience in prototyping, fabrication, and model building as they compete in their discipline.
    • Biology and Biochemistry Imaging Core
      Services: Provides the local research community with affordable access to advanced microscopy instrumentation and to provide training in the use of these instruments. Aims to help you get the best data from your experiments through the use of confocal microscopy, Ca2+ imaging, FRAP, FRET and other advanced microscopy techniques.
      Equipment: Olympus FV1000 inverted confocal microscope; Leica SP8 upright confocal microscope in our main room (SR2 328A). A Leica MZ8 dissecting stereoscope is available for use in sample preparation.
    • Biomedical Engineering Research Core Laboratory
      Services: Provide researchers with a single facility where they can access various tools to carry out their research in Molecular and Cell Biology, Imaging, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.
      Equipment: The BMERCL is equipped with Laboratory Benches, Sinks, Safety shower and eye-wash station, Chemical Fume Hood, Water RO and Purification System, Autoclave, Storage space at 4˚C, -20˚C, -85˚C, and Liquid Nitrogen dewer, Table-Top Refrigerated Centrifuge, and SuperSpeed Centrifuge. BSL 2 facility to conduct cell and tissue engineering research; Microscope room equipped with two Olympus Fluorescence Microscopes: an inverted and an upright microscope; Set-up to produce both paraffin embedded and frozen tissue sections. It also houses an automated slide stainer; Multimode Plate Reader, two Nanodrop instruments (a UV/Vis and a Fluorescence spectrophotometer), an HP/Agilent diode-array UV/Vis spectrophotometer, and a NanoLog spectrofluorometer; Equipped with a Quantitative Real Time Thermocycler and a Microarray Scanner; Houses a Gel Documentation System.
    • Center for Advanced Computing & Data Systems
    • Center for Life Sciences Technology
      Services: Engaged in developing innovative interdisciplinary reserach-based education, 21st century workforce development, outreach, and cutting edge research.
      Equipment: Bio Fermentors; Chromatographic Systems; Sequencing amd PCR; Plate Reader and Spectrophotometer; Centrifuguration, etc.
    • Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling
    • Center for Petroleum Geochemistry
      Services: Industry Directed Research and Development; Specialized Technical Support; Multiciscipline-Trained Professionals
      Equipment: Allied Geophysical Laboratories; Carbonate Research Lab;  Geochemistry: ICP AES, ICP-MS Hydrogeochemistry Lab; Hydrogeology Field Equipment; MC-ICP-MS Lab; Paleomagnetics Lab; Platinum Group Element Geochemistry And Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer Lab; Stable Isotope Lab; Thermochronology Lab; X-Ray Crystallography;  Etc.
    • CHBE Machine Shop Service Center
      Services: Machine and fabrication services
      Equipment: HAAS CNC Mill; Colcheseter 600 CNC Lathe; MSC Milling Machine; Drill Press; Bridge Port Mill; LeBlond Lathe; Band Saw; Metal Shear, Bench Shear; Bench Metal Shear; Wilton Horizontal Ban Saw; Miller TIG Welder; Misc. Grinders; etc.
    • Chemistry Service Facilities (Electronic, Glass, Machine, NMR, X-Ray)
      • NMR Services: Provides the University research community with affordable access to three high field NMR spectrometers available 24x7.  Basic operational training to advanced experimental instruction are provided as needed.  External clients may request NMR analytical services which are worked into the University research scheduling requirements when possible.   
        • Instrumentation: JEOL ECZ400 with H/F - X dual broadband 5mm probe, JEOL ECA500 with H/F - X duel broadband 5mm probe, and a solid state 3.2mm {H}X CPMAS probe, JEOL ECA600II with H/F - X dual broadband 5mm probe.  Licensed processing software JEOL Delta 5.3 is available upon request.
      • Glassblowing Services: Scientific glassblowing services; custom fabricate glassware. Provides scientific machining services; fabricate apparatus and parts from a variety of materials to custom design specifications; also provide repair work and assist with design.  
      • X-ray Diffractometry Services: Single crystal crystallographic analysis; X-ray powder diffraction.
        • Equipment: X-Ray powder diffractometer; CCD X-ray diffractometer. X-ray Photoelectron spectroscopy
    • Cullen College of Engineering Microscopy Center (credentials required)
      Services: Scanning electron microscopy.
      Equipment: Leo 1525 Scanning electron microscope.