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Department Emails

Division of Research (DOR) shared departmental email addresses that take and reply to messages.

General: Administrative Support Team - For scheduling, room reservations, administrative support. Lindsay Lewis/Ashley Merwin - Primary email given to web visitors.
Lindsay Lewis/Ashley Merwin - General email that can be given to campus/outside parties
for contacting DOR.
Lindsay Lewis - Associated email for social media.
Lindsay Lewis - Email associated with PEAR training system.


Animal Care Operations: ACO Team - Central email used by ACO.


Business Operations: Business Operations Team – All members of Business Operations have access.

DOR HR Team – Restricted to BizOps team members with authorized access to HR related


Communications: Lindsay Lewis- For newsletter purposes. Darnell Thacker/Priscilla Mensah – For web updates.


DAIT: DAIT Team - Can be used to send a technical request to the IT team.


Internal Awards: Central email given to faculty for all communications related to DOR Internal Awards


OCG: OCG Pre-Award Team OCG Post-Award Team OCG Billing Team ORD Team - Central email; given to those submitting pre-proposals for Limited
Submission opportunities. OCG Post-Award, effort reporting use. (email does not include "o" in effort) OCG contracts


OTTI: Communications related to invention disclosures, patent prosecutions, legal invoicing,
and any patent-related queries Licensing queries only (email address does not include the “i”) Technology Bridge general inquiries, space availability information, and submission of


RIO: RIO - IACUC Team - Central email for IACUC-relatedcorrespondence. RIO – COI Team - Central email for COI-related correspondence. RIO – IRB Team - Central email for IRB-related correspondence. RIO – Research Congruency Review Team - Central email for Research Congruency related
correspondence. RIO – Responsible Conduct of Research Team - Central email for R


UH Emails of Note: UH IT - To report suspicious email, including phishing. UH Web Services - To report any broken links or incorrect/outdated information on web. UH IT - To send email request for technical help.