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IACUC Process

In order to use vertebrate animals in research or teaching, an animal protocol must be completed and reviewed by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). No ordering or use of animals may begin prior to receiving written approval of the IACUC.

Submit a protocol

  • New protocols and triennial (de novo) reviews must be submitted in ICON.
  • For additional assistance in navigating the ICON system and converting currently approved Adobe protocols to the ICON system, please contact
  • Investigators are encouraged to consult with the IACUC Veterinarian for questions regarding protocol design, and the IACUC Coordinator for questions regarding IACUC submission processes. 

Review timeline

Refer to the IACUC submission calendar for deadlines. Animal protocols are reviewed on an annual basis and undergo a de novo review every three years.

Outcomes of review

Once a protocol is reviewed at a convened meeting, the Investigator receives a determination letter with one of three outcomes:


Animal work may begin. Only procedures in the approved protocol may be conducted; an addendum must be submitted for review if any changes are made (including increase in animal numbers). Please mark annual review and de novo submission dates on your calendar to avoid any lapse in approval. Note: no research procedures may be conducted during a lapse of IACUC approval, and federal funds may not be used for housing per diems during this time.

Modifications needed to secure approval

Aditional modifications, justifications, or clarifications are required before final approval may be granted. This information will require review by either IACUC office staff or IACUC reviewers as specified in the meeting. A final approval letter will be sent once the modifications have been reviewed and approved.

Withhold Approval

Significant information is missing or federally mandated review criteria have not been met. Reasons for withheld approval will be provided and all modifications will go back to a fully convened meeting prior to approval.