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IACUC Policies and Guidance

Some of the following policies and guidance documents are being converted to online procedures for use in ICON; this page and ICON will be updated periodically. Please contact the IACUC office if you have any questions regarding these documents.

The following documents are available in SharePoint and require CougarNet credentials to access:

IACUC Policies

Social Housing of Research Animals Policy 
Exemptions from Standards of Care for USDA-covered Species
Expired Medical Materials 
Field Studies Policy 
Food and Water Control Policy for Nonhuman Primates:
   > Associated growth chart 
   > Associated growth chart (XLSX)
Humane Endpoints Policy (see guidance below: Determining Rodent Body Condition Score) 
Post-Approval Monitoring Policy 
 > Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Procedure 
Standards of Sanitation Policy 
Maintenance of Animals Not Covered by Active IACUC Protocols 
Maintenance of Decapitation Equipment Policy 
Mouse Cage Density and Breeding Schemes Policy 
Multiple Survival Surgery Policy 
Oral Gavage in Rodents Policy and Guidance 
Pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Animal Research (see guidance below: Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds) 
Pooled Use Primates SOP
Prolonged Restraint Policy 
Protocol Review Policy 
Reporting of Unanticipated Research Outcomes Policy 
Review of Compliance Concerns and Reportable Events 
Safe Handling of Primates 
    *See below for ACO NHP Clicker Training SOP
Semiannual Review Policy 
Tail Clipping in Rodents Policy and Guidance 
Toe Clipping of Mice Policy 
Tumor Monitoring Policy
 > Tumor Monitoring Log (XLSX) 
Wire Bottom Rodent Cages Policy 

IACUC Protocol Guidance

Blood Collection Guidelines 2017 
Breeding Calculations Spreadsheet (XLSX)
Sample Breeding Colony Maintenance Log (XLS)
Breeding Information 
Determining Rodent Body Condition Score 
Mouse Anesthesia/Analgesia Formulary
Rat Anesthesia/Analgesia Formulary
Rabbit Anesthesia/Analgesia Formulary
NHP Anesthesia/Analgesia Formulary
Justification for Numbers References 
Pain/Distress Categories 
Rodent Survival Surgery Guidelines 
Sample Post-Surgical Monitoring Log (XLSX)
Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Laboratory Animals 

Select Animal Care Operations (ACO)

ACO Zebrafish Policy (DOCX)
Environmental Enrichment for NHP Policy
Animal Transportation Policy 
Allergy Control Policy