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HPAC Review Process

Please review HPAC Eligibility Requirements before moving forward. In addition to coursework and GPA requirements, students must attend HPAC Orientation, Personal Statement Orientation, and Personal Statement Workshop as part of the eligibility requirements. 


All eligible HPAC Applicants will need to complete and submit HPAC Application Materials for the HPAC evaluation. The information that you will need to submit includes:

  • Demographic information
  • Professional photo
  • Coursework and GPA information
  • MCAT/DAT scores (if available)
  • Volunteer, employment, and extracurricular involvement
  • Personal statement
  • 3-5 Letters of Evaluation (submitted from letter writers)
  • Any non-UH Transcripts

All HPAC Application materials (except letters of evaluation) must be complete and submitted to between January 16, 2024 through February 23, 2024 at 11:59 pm. There will not be extensions granted to the deadline. See below for additional deadline information, including deadlines for BMS graduate students. 

Completed materials will be accepted starting on January 16, 2024 through February 23, 2024 at 11:59 pm. HPAC only has the capacity to review 150 students; once 150 completed application packets are received, HPAC will no longer accept additional packets (even if this happens before February 23). BMS graduate students have a submission deadline of April 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm. BMS students and JAMP students have guaranteed review spots outside of the 150 applicants, assuming all materials are submitted by appropriate deadlines. Students must attend the required orientations and workshops before they are eligible to submit packets. 

HPAC meets every Friday beginning in March. Completed packets will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting on this date. The earlier your completed HPAC materials (including letters) are received, the earlier you will be evaluated. To ensure timely evaluation and feedback from the committee, please let your letter writers know we recommend letters are submitted by March 1, 2024. BMS graduate students have a recommended letter deadline of May 6, 2024. 

The HPAC evaluation is based on your personal statement, transcripts, GPA, extracurricular and clinical activities, and letters of evaluation. Although members may consider MCAT or DAT scores when they are available, these scores are not a major factor in the overall evaluation decision.

After an evaluation of a your application materials, each committee member will provide an individual recommendation. The committee then meets to discuss each applicant and decide upon a final consensus recommendation.

HPAC’s recommendation categories are:

  • Highest Recommendation
  • Highly Recommend
  • Recommend
  • Recommend with Reservations
  • Unable to Recommend

The committee's recommendation will be included in a Committee Letter of Evaluation.  This letter also includes details of the University of Houston HPAC evaluation process. The Committee Letter is added to your individual letters of evaluation and submitted as a "Committee Letter Packet" on your behalf to the application services to which you have applied (TMDSAS, AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS). 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your HPAC evaluation, you may request that the HPAC Committee Letter be excluded from your Letter Packet and replaced with a general cover letter indicating only that you met the requirements for and completed the required HPAC evaluation.

Before letters are submitted to the application services, you must submit a HPAC Letter Packet Submission Request to indicate which application services you plan to apply. NOTE: Your Letter of Evaluation Packet cannot be submitted prior to receiving your HPAC rating, nor prior to submission of your medical or dental application.

Per TMDSAS Letter Guidelines, only Letters of Evaluation dated for the current application cycle are eligible to be submitted. Letters of Evaluation from prior application cycles will not be stored and rolled over for subsequent cycles.

It is not uncommon for an applicant to have to re-apply to medical or dental school. Students who reapply to medical/dental school after an initial evaluation by HPAC must be evaluated again by HPAC to receive a new committee letter

Reapplicants should plan to submit updated HPAC Application materials as well as request new (or updated) Letters of Evaluation in order to be reviewed again. Additionally, a brief statement outlining any updates or improvements since the last application cycle is required.

Finally, alumni of the University of Houston are eligible for an HPAC evaluation for up to 1-year post-graduation. Students may go through HPAC a maximum of two times; they must request an exception for any additional review cycles.