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Application Information & Timelines [2021-2022]

Application Open Dates [EY2022]


Open Date

Earliest I can submit?

[Texas Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Programs]
May 3

May 17

[National Allopathic]
May 3

May 27

[National Osteopathic]
May 4

Anytime (after Spring grades are posted)

[National Dental]
May 11

June 1

June 30

Anytime (after Spring grades are posted)

[Physician Assistant]
April 29

Anytime (after Spring grades are posted)

[Physical Therapy]
June 15

Anytime (after Spring grades are posted)

[Occupational Therapy]
July 22

Anytime (after Spring grades are posted)

July 14

Anytime (after Spring grades are posted)

 TMDSAS Medical Application Timeline [EY2022]


TMDSAS Dental Application Timeline [EY2022]


Application Submission Recommendations

Although you may be tempted to rush through the application process, remember that the quality of the materials you submit will make a difference. We recommend you spend at least 3-weeks completing, revising, and proofing your application materials before submission to reduce the risk of errors and to ensure each section is well-written.

To reiterate, you do not need a test-score, official transcripts, or letters of evaluation to submit your primary application—those materials can be uploaded in the weeks following submission. Official transcripts should not be submitted to TMDSAS until you are notified to do so by TMDSAS.

Additionally, many of your application questions can be answered by closely reading and using each application instructional guide as you complete the sections. These guides discuss how your grades should be input and GPAs are calculated, how you organize your work/activities/experiences, how to submit your letters of evaluation, how to submit transcripts, etc. Click the hyperlinks for each application above to be redirected to the instructional guide.

Altus Suite Assessment Requirements:altus-suite-handout-image.jpg

Beginning in the EY2022 application cycle, many medical and allied-health programs now require applicants to complete the Altus Suite assessments: Casper, Duet, and Snapshot.

Adoption of these new assessments is not universal but you may encounter at least one or more programs that require applicants to complete them this application cycle. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with each and double-check the programs you hope to apply to for their specific requirements.

More information about these assessments (and how to register) can be found in the handout as well as at the Texas Health Education Service (TXHES) and the Altus websites.

COVID-19 Questions:

Many application services and secondary applications will have additional sections and questions allowing you to describe any COVID-19 related issues (academic, professional, financial, personal) that you have encountered that may have impacted your application.

TMDSAS and AMCAS will not have COVID-19 specific essay prompts, but you may consider using the Optional Essay section to address any pandemic-related issues you may have experienced that may have impacted your application. Alternatively, many secondary applications may include COVID-19 specific prompts.

Application Service COVID-19 Questions?
NursingCAS Yes
OptomCAS Yes
PharmCAS Yes
SocialWorkCAS No

HPAC Letter Packet Submission (for medical & dental applicants only):

If you have completed the HPAC evaluation process for this application cycle, our office will upload your Letters of Evaluation (including the HPAC letter) to each primary application: TMDSAS, AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS.

We cannot upload letter packets before:

  1. You have completed HPAC evaluation,
  2. Completed your primary application, and
  3. Emailed the HPAC Letter Submission Request to

If you are completing AMCAS, please also submit the AMCAS Letter Writer Request Form to our office. AACOMAS/AADSAS/Interfolio electronic letter-requests should be submitted to

Do not send the HPAC Letter Submission Request until you have completed your primary application(s).

For each application, please use the following information to complete the primary contact for the Committee Letter Packet:

Kialyn Yendell | 713.743.2681
4742 Calhoun Rd. CBB 215 | Houston, TX 77204

It also important that you select “YES” when asked whether you wish to release your TMDSAS application information to our office:


We can only upload letters that have been received, so please be sure we have letters from the individuals you indicate on the request form. Changes cannot be made to the packet once uploaded.  You will receive a confirmation email once your letter-packet has been uploaded (please be patient).