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HPAC Instructions & Forms

The HPAC evaluation period for AY2022 will begin January 2022.

STEP I: Opening HPAC File

STEP II: Complete HPAC Materials 

After opening your HPAC File, you will be responsible for submitting the following documents by the deadline: March 21, 2022

  • HPAC Application and HPAC Application Instructions
    • All information in this document must be current and accurate. Please refer to the HPAC Application Instructions as you complete the form.
    • Please use the provided GPA calculator to assist in completing the HPAC Application Form.
  • Personal Statement
  • Activities & Experiences Worksheet
    • Use this worksheet to highlight your educational achievements, employment history, volunteer experience and extracurricular activities since your graduation from high school.
    • Consider using the AAMC Core Compentencies to contexualize your activities and reflect on why each experience was important for your personal/professional development.
    • Be sure to review the HPAC Application Instructions to ensure that your Activities & Experiences Worksheet is properly formatted.
  • These three documents should be completed, signed, and submitted in the same email to Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

STEP III: Letters of Evaluation

In addition to the above materials, you must also have three letters of of evaluation to complete your HPAC file.

All letters of evaluation should be submitted by your letter-writers to

  • Provide each of your letter-writers with the Letters of Evaluation Guidelines Form.
    • Letters of Evaluation should be submitted electronically by the Letter Writer-not by you!
    • There is no specific deadline for receipt of your letters, but earlier is encouraged than later to ensure your HPAC evaluation can be completed in a timely manner.

Recommended letters to submit:

  • One letter should come from BCPM ("science") faculty.
  • One letter should come from a physician (recommended) or a general dentist (required), respectively.
  • Remaining letters should be from an evaluator who can speak highly of your qualifications for professional schools. Letters from additional faculty, healthcare professionals, job supervisors, volunteer coordinators are appropriate.
  • Students in a graduate program should plan to include a letter from their graduate advisor.
Note: You should always waive the right to view your Letters of Evaluations. This is standard practice and is done to protect the privacy and viability of your file.

STEP IV: HPAC Evaluation

Once all of your HPAC Application materials have been received (including at least 3 letters of evaluation), you will be assigned an HPAC evaluation date. HPAC evaluations are held weekly from late March through early June.

Following your evaluation, you will be provided feedback of your application materials as well as your individual HPAC consensus recommendation.

STEP V: Submission of Letter Packet

Once you are ready to submit your medical or dental school primary application. You will need to:

  • Select the Committee Letter Packet option within the TMDSAS, AMCAS, AADSAS, and/or AACOMAS application.
  • Release your TMDSAS application information to the Pre-Health Advising Center, by completing the following section:


Have questions? Please contact the Pre-Health Advising Center.