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Special Events


Request for Police Services

Rates for requested positions can be found on the request form.

The University of Houston is committed to making its facilities available for events that are beneficial to the public it serves. These events may be sponsored by a University of Houston division, college, department, student, faculty, staff, or individual and groups not affiliated with the University of Houston. This includes, but is not limited to, athletic, business, community, cultural, fraternity, sorority, political, and professional events. 

The decision to require special event related police services in part is determined by the nature and size of the event, the extent the event will impact normal university operations, the group’s event history, whether alcohol will be served or available, whether concessions will be sold, and if there will be money collected on site for parking and/or event admission. The final decision to require/waive police services related to special events rests with the Chief of Police.

The University of Houston Police Department Officer in Charge of Special Events is the contact person for any group or individual requesting police services for a special event occurring at any university facility. Law enforcement personnel from other police departments may not work special events on campus unless approval is received in advance from the UHPD Chief of Police.

An Event Supervisor is required when four or more UHPD personnel (including the Supervisor) are needed for an event. An Event Commander is required when ten or more UHPD personnel (including the Commander and Supervisors) are needed for an event.

The need for a Police Dispatcher or a Fire Marshal will be determined by event factors, including the size of the event, nature of the event, the presence of concessions, open flame, or any other factor of concern to the Fire Marshal’s office.  

More information on special events can be found in the University of Houston Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP) 09.03.01, Reservation and Rental of University Facilities, and 07.01.03, Requesting Special Event Police Officers. If you do not find the information you need, or if you have any questions, please contact the UHPD Special Events office.