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Bicycle Registration

Students, faculty and staff who have a bicycle on campus are required to register it. Registration takes only minutes to complete and is free. A registration sticker will be provided and should be placed on the bicycle.

If the bicycle is ever lost or stolen, the University will have the serial number and other identifying information. If the bicycle is recovered, this information makes it much easier to return the bicycle to its rightful owner.

How to Register a Bicycle

  • Log in to your myParking account through AccessUH.
  • Click the "Get Permits" button.
  • Click "Next" on the "Purchase a Permit" page.
  • Disregard the EZ Tag information and click "Next"
  • Select the bicycle registration permit.
  • Check the two agreement boxes then click "Next"
  • On the "Select Your Vehicles for Permit" page, click the "Add Bicycle" button.
  • Enter the bicycle serial number, model and color, and "Relationship to Vehicle" (your bicycle). You may also upload photos of your bicycle.
  • Click "Submit" on the "Add Bicycle Information" page.
  • On the "Select Your Vehicles for Permit" page, check the box next to the bicycle you are registering and then click "Next"
  • On the "Delivery/Pick Up Information" page, make sure to select "Pick up my permit from the Parking Office" on the Delivery Option pull down menu.
  • Click the "Pay Now" button on the "View Cart" page. The amount will be $0.00.
  • On the "Payment Information" page, check the "I have read and understand the above statements" box and then click the "Pay Now" button.
  • A bicycle registration sticker will be available for you to pick up at the Parking and Transportion customer service office located in University Lofts. The sticker must be placed on your bicycle.
  • In order to go to the customer service office, you will need to get in a virtual line or make an appointment. To do this, text uhparking to 832-924-3542 and follow the prompts.

 Where to Place Registration Sticker

Registering Your Bicycle


Common Bike Serial Number Locations

Bike serial number possible locations