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Property Management Guidelines

UH Property Management Guidelines

Most Commonly Used PeopleSoft Accounts for Recording Capital and Controlled Asset Expenses

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Institutionally Paid Transfers to Surplus Property
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Texas SPA Process User's Guide


Property Management is required each fiscal year for all Property Custodians, and every other fiscal year (even years) for business managers. Training is provided via the Human Resources online training system. Property Management will distribute lists of employees to be enrolled to College/Division Administrators each fiscal year prior to the enrollment period. Periodic updates of information and guideline will be published on this website.

Effective FY 2014, the Texas Comptroller¡¯s Office State Property Accounting guidelines have been change to remove Printers from the list of Controlled Assets, and Typewriters and Word Processors from the list of Capital Assets. This will result in the following changes for UH/UHS departments:

  • Purchases of printers, typewriters, and word processors with a cost of $4,999.99 or less will be expensed using GL account 54358
  • Property Management will contact your department during November and December of 2013 to provide you with the list of tags that will be disposed from your inventory list. If any printers, word processors, or typewriters remain on your departmental listing for annual inventory, please notify Property Management.

Property Custodian Online Training

Property Custodian Online Training-September 12, 2022

Property Custodian Training – September 12, 2022 (PowerPoint Presentation)

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