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  • Listserve Self Enroll

    You now have the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to the Payroll Listservs. Report to Managers and Payroll Coordinators who verify the trial payrolls both have a responsibility to ensure that all leave, payable time and high exceptions are corrected and approved by the Payroll designated deadlines.

    If you are a Reports to Manager or a Payroll Coordinator that verifies the trial payrolls, it's imperative that you do not "unsubscribe" from the listserv, this will ensure that you receive all Payroll communications. If you "unsubscribe" as indicated above you are still responsible for reviewing, correcting and approving time and validating the payrolls.

    We have 2 Listservs available:

    • Biweekly listserv: Select this listserv if you have biweekly time reporters or if you are the Payroll Coordinator who verifies the trial and final payrolls. If you just want to be informed you can subscribe to the listserv.
    • Monthly listserv: Select this listserv if you have month time reporters or if you are the Payroll Coordinator who verifies the trial and final payrolls. If you just want to be informed you can subscribe to the listserv.

    Biweekly Listerv

    Monthly Listserv

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    • When will my paycheck be direct deposited?
      • Direct deposit paychecks are credited to your bank’s account on payday. The University of Houston’s paydays are listed on the in the Calendar and Schedules section of this page.  The actual time of deposit varies according to your bank's practices. It may be early or late in the day.
    • I closed or changed my Bank account and my direct deposit has not hit my new account, what do I do?
      • Please allow 24-48 hours after payday for the bank to return any funds.  Once Payroll receives notice that the funds have been returned it will be reissued on the next available off-cycle payroll.
    • Payday has passed, and I haven’t received my paycheck.  What do I do?
      • Verify with your Reports to Manager or departmental Payroll contact to confirm that all approvals were completed by the designated payroll deadlines to ensure a check was generated.  At that point they will reach out to the System Payroll Office to verify if a problem exist and how to resolve to the issue.
    • Can I choose to have my paycheck direct deposited into multiple accounts?
      • Yes, you may elect to have your money split into multiple accounts.  This is done via P.A.S.S. and is set up as an “amount” type, then you’ll specify the dollar amount to be deposited.


    • Who do I contact for received & released garnishment questions?
      • You may contact Kimberly Thompson regarding these type of questions at 713-743-8682 or via email at hrpay@central. .


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  • TRAM

    TRAM Manager Training 

    • TRAM Reports to Manager Training: Course HRT077
      • This course will walk you through the role and responsibilities of a Reports to Manager, providing detailed information on all TRAM and payroll processes which include payable time, high exceptions, absence request, delegation, etc. This course will ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to ensure that your employees will be paid accurately and on time.
    • Advanced TRAM Administrator Training: Course HRT088
      • This course is designed to provide advanced training in the areas of TRAM Administration and Payroll Validations to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time and is geared towards the TRAM Administrators at the department level who are validating the payrolls.

        You will have a clear understanding of all roles and responsibilities, payroll functions and deadlines with a focus on navigating PeopleSoft to validate the payroll data.


    TRAM manuals for:

    TRAM Minute Conversion Table (.pdf)