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Plant Accounting

Areas of Responsibility

Project Accounting:

  •  Fund 7 basic training to project managers
  •  Monitor certain gift cost centers and do appropriate cash sweeps on a monthly basis
  • Review older cost centers for inactivity and prepare documents for project close
  • outResearch deficit project fund balances in cost centers. Make appropriate entries
  • Maintain files for Disaster/Insurance Recovery for outside consultants, FEMA and TDEM in order to recover losses from said disaster
  • Insurance settlements/transfers to departments when claims are settled, reimburse department
  • Construction in Progress - reconcile capital construction accounts on a monthly basis.
    Make appropriate entries
  • Heaf Funding - transfer cash to fund construction projects monthly
  • Local Funding - transfer cash to fund construction projects monthly
  • Record overhead tap for Facilities Planning and Construction
  • State to local and local to state expense transfers ? prepare documentation as needed
  • Capital/M&O cost center determination/set up

Bond Accounting:

  • Review bond bank statement reconciliations and prepare all bond debt service entries.

Project Cost Center Guidelines

Disaster Recovery Financial and Documentation Guidelines