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Student Accounting

Areas of Responsibility

Student Accounting: review and ensure timely processing of journal entries created by the PeopleSoft Student System (PSSA); set up General Ledger Interfaces for PSSA item types; establish percentages for annual tuition rates; clear PSSA related suspense accounts; work with the PSSA project team to resolve student accounting related issues; reconcile student Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable; process Vendor Hold Releases for student vendors; and provide assistance to departments in researching PSSA transactions.

Set Asides: Calculate amounts and process journals for required TPEG and designated tuition set asides.

Prepare annual reports for: Annual Accounts Receivable and Write Off Reporting to the Board of Regents and the Texas Attorney General; Texas Integrated Fiscal Reporting System (IFRS) tuition, fee, and waiver/exemption information 

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Tuition and Fee Matrix