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General Accounting

Areas of Responsibility

General Ledger Entries: review and approve all GL journal entries (deposits, reallocations, fund equity transfers, corrections, adjustments, electronic funds transfers, and state warrants), Service Center Voucher entries, post quarterly service charges, manage end of month processing, and provide training and assistance to departments in journal processing.

Reconciliation of interfund equity transfers, prior period liability balances, and other areas that require research.

Provide in person and online training for: cash handling, credit card accounting, and journal entry.

Review and audit Departmental Change and Petty Cash Funds.

Prepare and remit payments for State and Local Sales Taxes, State and Local Hotel Occupancy Taxes, and Barnes and Noble payments.

Provide training for and review of departmental Annual Resale Inventory reporting.

SC Voucher Workflow Information

Foundation Payment Request Procedures and Forms

Contingency Plan

Payroll Suspense

ACH-Wire Transfer Acceptance Instructions

Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Receivable reporting is reviewed to ensure receivables are reported according to university’s policies and procedures, and to improve the accounts receivable management as outlined by the State Auditor’s Office. By understanding the policies and procedures, and by incorporating good business practices, university employees who monitor and maintain receivables will avoid undue delays and errors.

• Personnel working with receivables should review and be familiar with:
  •  The UH System Administration Memorandum (SAM) 03.A.24
  •  The UH Manual of Administrative Policy and Procedure (MAPP) 05.04.04
These can be found on the UH home page and

• Accounts Receivable reporting to be reviewed pertains to account codes: 12100, 12101, 12102, 12103, and 12104.

• Accounts receivable related to account code 12101- Returned Checks, will send the following information on the NSF Check:
   – Name of the check-writer
   – Check number
   – Check date
   – Check amount
   – Check purpose
   – PeopleSoft ID, if check is written by a student or employee

• When requested, General Accounting can provide training for annual departmental Accounts Receivable.

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation and Reporting Procedures
   – Departmental Accounts Receivable Reconciliation – Procedures (Word)
   – Departmental Accounts Receivable Reconciliation – Working Papers (Excel)
   – Accounts Receivable Package - Memo & Forms
   – Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Example

The deadline to submit annual accounts receivable reporting to General Accounting is Monday, September 11, 2023 via Key Dates Calendar SharePoint folder.

Merchandise Inventory

Merchandise Inventory Reconciliation workshop
   – Merchandise Inventory - Procedures FY 2023
   – Merchandise Inventory Forms - FY 2023 (Excel Format)
   – Merchandise Inventory Forms - FY 2023 (Word format)
   – Merchandise Inventory Packet Example - FY 2023

The deadline to submit annual merchandise inventory reporting to General Accounting is Monday, September 11, 2023 via Key Dates Calendar SharePoint folder.

Baseline Standards and Cash Handling Policy and Procedure

The deadline to submit baseline standards and cash handling procedures to General Accounting is Tuesday, August 8, 2023 via Key Dates Calendar SharePoint folder.

Frequently Asked Questions