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Faculty & Staff Campaign

Welcome to NSM’s 2023 Faculty and Staff Campaign!

What is the Campaign About?

Every year, UH hosts a Faculty and Staff Campaign to support a broad variety of initiatives. Here at NSM, we’d like to focus on the initiatives that mean the most to you.

These are some of the most popular giving areas for NSM Faculty and Staff:

Giving to the Dean’s Innovation Fund allows the College to have a direct and immediate impact on UH students and programs beyond public funding. These gifts ensure support for student scholarships, recruitment and retention of key faculty, research, classroom technology, and so much more.

Departmental Excellence Funds allow the department to use these funds for a variety of purposes, including faculty and student travel to competitions and conferences, classroom and research equipment, special lectures, and program support.

This scholarship supports entering freshmen and continuing undergraduates who are pursuing degrees through NSM.

This year’s campaign will run from March 15–April 15.

What is Our Goal?

The overall goal is to increase the number of NSM faculty and staff who give to any program on campus. Everyone’s participation will make an impact to help build a strong culture of philanthropy within NSM while supporting our students, scholarships, and research. Every gift counts!

Why Should I Give?

The importance of your contribution to this campaign reaches beyond the support of your selected initiative(s). Your support sends an energetic message to our alumni, donors, legislators, corporations, foundations, and friends of UH. With 100% participation, our collective NSM message will be resounding. At a place like UH, every dollar truly counts.

We hope that you take the time and energy to provide support to your favorite initiatives.

How Do I Give?

Making your gift online is easy!

Prefer to download a form and turn it in to your ambassador? You can do so here.

Department Ambassadors

Thank you for all that you do to help our students, NSM, and UH succeed!

If you have any questions regarding our campaign, please contact Jennifer Knobloch at jaknoblo@central.uh.edu.