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Degree Programs

The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences offers five undergraduate degrees:

All five degrees are four-year programs for full-time students.

It is also possible for students to obtain a double major in Geology and Geophysics. Students should consult the UH catalog for the general requirements for the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degrees.

We encourage students who plan careers as professional geoscientists, and/or wish to continue toward a graduate degree in geosciences, to enter the Bachelor of Science program. There is significant overlap in the Bachelor of Science degree programs and the beginning courses for majors in geology and geophysics are common to both degrees. 

The Bachelor of Science in Enviromental Sciences has two options within the degree: Environmental Geosciences (groundwater/ hydrogeology) and Atmospheric Science.

The Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science is designed to provide a broader interdisciplinary program that can be combined with additional training in fields such as education, law, business and journalism.

In all of these programs you will have the advantage of small classes and close contact with the geosciences faculty and your fellow students. The undergraduate experience is enhanced by opportunities to interact both with professors and fellow students on field trips as well as in the classroom, in activities organized by the student-run Geosociety, and in participation by some students in undergraduate research tasks.

A significant number of our undergraduate elect to pursue graduate degrees at University of Houston or elsewhere, in preparation for a career in research and/or in academic life, or more commonly to provide a more focused preparation for a career in industry.

Our graduates find employment in a range of energy, environmental, mining, governmental, academic and research establishments. There are geoscientists working in virtually every country in the world, but the major employers of our graduates are the energy and environmental companies, many of which are headquartered in the Houston area. Several of these companies have active recruiting programs within the department for permanent positions and also for part-time and summer jobs and for internships.

We also have an active UH Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Alumni Association that holds regular meetings, and provides invaluable support for geoscience students in several ways including the provision of scholarships. In addition to alumni awards, the department, the college, and the university provide a number of scholarship opportunities.

Undergraduate Advisors

The faculty undergraduate advisor for the Geology/Geophysics/Earth Science degrees is Dr. Alexander Robinson (, room 315 Science and Research 1. The faculty undergraduate advisor for the Environmental Sciences degree is Dr. Regina Capuano (, room 221 Science and Research 1. Students seeking advisement on undergraduate programs should make an appointment to meet with the appropriate advisor.


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