Technical Reports - 2006 - University of Houston
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Technical Reports - 2006


Stepping-Stone Detection via Request-Response Traffic Analysis
Shou-Hsuan Stephen Huang, Robert Lychev, Jianhua Yang
December 04, 2006


A Hybrid Clustering Technique That Combines Representative-Based and Agglomerative Clustering
Ji Yeon Choo, Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin, Chun-sheng Chen, Oner Ulvi Celepcikay, Christian Giusti, and Christoph F. Eick
December 15, 2006


Experience With Tablet PC Video Based Hybrid Coursework in Computer Science
Jaspal Subhlok, Olin Johnson, Venkat Subramaniam, Ricardo Vilalta, and Chang Yu
June 2, 2007


Acceleration of Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Method for Parabolic Problems
M. Garbey
September 9, 2006


Supervised Clustering: Algorithms and Applications
N. Zeidat, C. F. Eick, and Z. Zhao
June 28, 2006


Signal-Processing Approaches to Risk Assessment in Coronary Artery Disease
I. A. Kakadiaris, S. S. Carlier, R. Metcalfe, C. J. Hartley, E. Falk, and M. Naghavi
June 27, 2006


Evaluating the Reliability of Storage Systems
J.-F. Paris, T. J. E. Schwarz, and Darrell D. E. Long
June 9, 2006


Translating Real-Time UML Timing Constraints into Real-Time Logic Formulas
Gowri Aruchamy and Albert Mo Kim Cheng
June 6, 2006


An Analytic Study of Stream Tapping Protocols
J.-F. Paris and D. D. E. Long
June 8, 2006


Involving Clients in Distribution of Videos on Demand
Santosh Kulkarni and Jehan Francois Paris
May 24, 2006


Simulation of Fault-Tolerant Scheduling on Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems Using Primary Backup Overloading
Bindu Mirle and Albert M. K. Cheng
May 21, 2006


Campus Grids Meet Applications: Modeling, Metascheduling and Integration
Yonghong Yan, and Barbara M. Chapman
May 01, 2006


Volunteer Computingon Clusters
Deepti Vyas and Jaspal Subhlok
April 21, 2006


A Versatile Incompressible Navier Stokes Solver for Blood Flow Application
M. Garbey and F. Pacull
March 01, 2006