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Using Cascade CMS

Cascade CMS is the university's content management system (CMS). It is a web-based tool supported by IT's Web Technologies group and University Marketing's Web and New Media team. The CMS is available to all academic and administrative units and provides a quick and easy way to create web content that is appropriately branded.

Creating a Site

Sites can be created as new sites within the CMS or content from existing UH sites, can be migrated into the CMS. Contact Robert Birkline to discuss setting up a new account. Web content can be published to central IT servers or to a server maintained externally that has PHP implemented.


CMS training is offered monthly and is provided by UIT through the TSS's Web Technologies group. Completion of a training session is required to obtain authoring, editing, and publishing access to the CMS. Contact Patty Schwerin and/or visit the UIT Site for Cascade CMS training information.


Image Dimensions (W x H in pixels)


  • Features stories: 720 x 540
  • Featured events: 720 x 540

Landing pages

  • Header: 1920 x 768
  • Footer: 1920 x 900
  • Feature image: 720 x 480
  • Special feature images: 900 x 600
  • Spiffs: 720 x 480
  • Magazine: 960 x 540
  • Featured slide show image: 1130 x 525 (users can alternate height) (if used in feature slide show, all images have to be same size)

Static banners

  • 696 x 259 (height can change)

What file type to use?

  • Preferably JPEG