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Web Analytics & Supported Browsers

Data for the University of Houston website

Analytics for Your Website

All University of Houston web pages are tracked with Google Analytics. Access to Google Analytics is available to UH website owners.

Visits to

The following web analytics are from the entire University of Houston website including all unit websites.

Browser Usage

Visitors to the University of Houston website use a wide variety of web browsers on a wide variety of devices. It is important that University of Houston web pages render and function correctly on the most-used web browsers.

Officially Supported Browsers

The University of Houston officially supports browser versions used by more than 2% of visitors. The following browsers met those criteria in October 2023.

Officially supported browsers
Browser Version Sessions Percentage
Chrome 117 741,765 25.17%
Chrome 118 635,983 21.58%
Safari 16 480,263 16.29%
Safari 17 168,106 5.70%
Chrome 116 146,364 4.96%
Edge 117 139,471 4.73%