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Graduate Certificates


The Hobby School now offers seven graduate certificates in public policy:

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy and Public Administration

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy-Data Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy-Energy Policy

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy-Ethics

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy-Health Care Policy 

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy-Infrastructure Policy and Population Health (coming soon)

Graduate certificates are an excellent way for students to earn an additional academic credential and relevant training in a shorter period of times compared to a full master's degree. These graduate certificates require four approved courses that can also be counted towards the Master of Public Policy degree if students later apply and join this program.


The Fall 2024 priority deadline for domestic and international applicants is March 1, 2024. The Fall 2024 application deadline for international applicants is May 1, 2024 and for domestic applicants is August 1, 2024.

The Spring 2025 application will be available on May 1, 2024.

The Spring 2025 priority deadline for domestic and international applicants is September 1, 2024. The Spring 2025 application deadline for international applicants is October 1, 2024, and for domestic applicants is December 1, 2024.

All required application materials MUST be submitted by these deadlines.

The application process for the graduate certificates is similar to the Hobby School's other graduate programs and completed entirely online via ApplyWeb.

Applicants must complete a UH Graduate School application and provide official transcripts of all college-level coursework with a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, statement of purpose, and resume.

The statement of purpose (or personal/goal statement) explains why the applicant wants to pursue a graduate certificate and why the applicant would be a good candidate for the program. This document should be between 1-2 pages.

The GRE is not required when applying for admission to the graduate certificate programs.

The graduate certificate programs have a $25 application fee.

International applicants should also visit the UH Graduate School's International Students page for more detailed information regarding transcripts, English language proficiency requirements, and visa procedures.

Please note that graduate certificate students aren't eligible for Hobby School scholarships or federal financial aid.

Graduate Certificate Course Rotation by Semester

The graduate certificates require 12 credits of graduate coursework or four courses.

The below graduate certificate courses are offered in the indicated respective semesters.

Graduate Certificate Course Offerings by Semester Fall  Spring  Summer 
POLC 6311 Leadership and Professional Development 🗸 🗸
POLC 6312 Public Finance 🗸
POLC 6313 Policy Analysis I: Microeconomics 🗸
POLC 6314 Policy Research Methods I: Introduction to Statistics 🗸
POLC 6315 Policy Research Methods II: Multivariate Analysis 🗸
POLC 6316 Policy Research Methods III: Advanced Quantitative Modeling 🗸
POLC 6320 Policy Analysis II: Political Analysis 🗸
POLC 6330 Philosophy and Public Policy I 🗸
POLC 6331 Philosophy and Public Policy II 🗸
POLC 6371 Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership Seminar 🗸
POLC 6372 Research Ethics 🗸
PUBL 6310 Administrative Theory 🗸
PUBL 6311 Public Administration and Policy Implementation 🗸
PUBL 6312 Public Finance 🗸
PUBL 6342 Budgeting for Public Agencies 🗸
PUBL 6347 Seminar in Health Care Policy 🗸
PUBL 6350 Public Management 🗸
PUBL 6415 Decision Science for Public Affairs 🗸

Courses offered are subject to change.

  • Public Policy Graduate Certificate Course Descriptions

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Please contact Scott Mason (; 713-743-5572) if you have any questions concerning your application.