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Thesis Option

Master of Science in Hospitality Management

Minimum Required Credit Hours: 36

All MS degree candidates with a thesis option must complete a minimum of 36 semester credit hours of graduate coursework at the University of Houston in order to receive the MS degree. Students must also take at least 27 out of 36 semester credit hours at Hilton College.

The curriculum for this program requires students to complete courses in five areas, including hospitality management core courses, support courses, a focus course, a thesis and electives. The credit hours necessary for graduation are as follows: 

Course Requirement
Semester Credit Hours
Hospitality Management Core Courses 
Support Courses
Focus Course 

Prerequisite Courses
Prerequisite requirements are determined through the evaluation of prior coursework by the Graduate Program director. Students are responsible for meeting any prerequisite deficiencies prior to taking their core courses. 

Competency in the areas of finance and accounting, organizational behavior, marketing and management information systems is expected of all MS degree candidates. Competency in English, as well as a second language, is also highly recommended. 

Global Hospitality Leadership Core Courses (19 credit hours)
GHL 6330 Statistical Data Analysis for the Hospitality Industry 3
GHL 6353 Services Management 3
GHL 6369 Hospitality Financial Assets Planning and Management
GHL 6382 Methods of Research in the Hospitality Industry
GHL 6101 Colloquium 1
GHL 6190 Research Proposal
GHL 6599 Thesis I
Support Courses  (choose 9 hours)
GHL 6309 Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry 3
GHL 6337 Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry 3
GHL 6361 Hospitality Marketing Analysis 3
GHL 6366 Hospitality Management Strategies 3
GHL 6397 Hospitality Real Estate Finance 3
GHL 6360 Hospitality Graduate Directed Practicum 3
GHL 6341 Food & Beverage Systems Management
GHL 6397 Hospitality Education 3
Open** Needs pre-approval

Focus Courses (choose 3 hours)
GHL 6343 Beverage Management 3
GHL 6351 Lodging Operations Management 3
GHL 6357 Gaming & Casino Management 3
GHL 6397 Contract Food Service Management 3
GHL 6335 Sensory Branding for Hospitality Industry
GHL 6334 Pricing & Revenue Management 3
Elective Courses (choose 5 hours)
GHL 6198/6298/6398 Special Problems (Professor approval) 1/2/3
GHL 6326 Catering Management 3
GHL 6329 Negotiations for Services Industry 3
GHL 6336 Facilities Management 3
GHL 6355 Wine Appreciation 3
GHL 6356 Event Administration 3
GHL 6365 Hotel Development 3
GHL 6372 Tourism & Travel 3
GHL 6373 MTWEP I (~300 clock hours, check deadline) 3
GHL 6383 MTWEP II (~300 clock hours, check deadline) 3
GHL 6384 Country Club Operations Management 3
GHL 6387 Gourmet Night Management I 3
GHL 6350 Hotel Gaming Operations: France 3
GHL 6349 Hospitality Purchasing 3
GHL 6397 Selected Topics 3
Open** Any other graduate level GHL course(s) that have not been taken for the above requirements

Core Course Waivers and Substitutions
Core curriculum hours cannot be waived under any circumstances. The academic advisor and instructor of that particular core course must approve all substitutions. All coursework substituted in this manner must be completed at the 6000 level or above. A general petition is required. 

Open Options
**The OPEN course option can be designated to one support course in the student's desired area of study based on the pre-approval of the program director or advisor.