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Doctorate Degree Requirements

Ph.D. in Hospitality Management

Total Required Credit Hours: 57
Completion of the Ph.D. requires 57 hours of course work, including required courses, prescribed (focused) courses, free elective (supporting) courses and a doctoral dissertation. Required courses (24 credit hours) are focused on research methods, data analysis and grantsmanship. Prescribed courses (9 credit hours) are focused on the hospitality and tourism discipline. Free elective courses (6 credit hours) are developed to strengthen research techniques or topic knowledge important to the development of the dissertation. The remaining credit hours (18) will consist of dissertation courses. Students must pass the candidacy and comprehensive exams prior to conducting their doctoral dissertation research proposal.

Required Courses and Dissertation
Hospitality Administration Core Courses (3) HRMA 8310
(3) HRMA 8320
Teaching Methods in Hospitality Management
Guided Research in Hospitality Industry
Research Methods (3) HRMA 8304
(3) HRMA 8305
Qualitative Design in Hospitality Administration
Grantsmanship and Technical Writing
Data Analysis (3) HRMA 8303
(6) Two Approved Data Analysis Courses From Outside or Inside the College
Multivariate Analysis in Hospitality Administration
(1) HRMA 8188
(3) HRMA 8398
(3-9) HRMA 8X99

Doctoral Dissertation Research Proposal
Doctoral Dissertation Research

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