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MS in Global Hospitality Business Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours: 39

All MS degree candidates must complete 39 semester credit hours of graduate coursework over the course of three (3) semesters in each the three (3) designated partner locations (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Conrad N. Hilton College of Restaurant and Hotel Management) to receive their graduate degree from either the University of Houston or one of the other two partnering institutions.

The following courses are required of all students pursuing the Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business program. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Core Courses Semester Credit Hours
HRMA 6323 Hospitality Business Strategies in Europe, Middle East, & Africa 3
HRMA 6378 Hospitality Real Estate Finance 3
HRMA 7369 Hospitality Financial Assets & Planning Management 3
HRMA 6382 Methods of Research in the Hospitality Industry 3
HRMA 6321 Hospitality Business Strategies in Asia 3
HRMA 7353 Services Management in Hospitality 3
HRMA 7366 Hospitality Management Strategies 3
HRMA 7334 Pricing and Revenue Management in Hospitality 3
HRMA 6324 Hospitality Business Strategies in the Americas & the Caribbean 3
HRMA 6317 Innovative Hospitality Technologies 3
HRMA 6340 Organizational Behavior and Hospitality Leadership Strategies 3
Prescribed Elective Courses Semester Credit Hours
HRMA 6397 Hospitality Market Anaysis 3
Other Courses Semester Credit Hours
HRMA 6368 Career Capstone Project 3

Course Waivers and Substitutions

Above course hours cannot be waived under any circumstances.