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Executive Master of Hospitality Management Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours: 30

All MHM degree candidates must complete a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of graduate coursework, all of which must be earned at the Hilton College. The curriculum for this program requires students to complete courses in core areas, project-based courses, a practicum course and prescribed electives.

The following courses are required of all students pursuing the Executive Master of Hospitality Management (MHM) program. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Core Courses Semester Credit Hours
GHL 7353 Services Management Hospitality 3
GHL 7369 Hospitality Financial Assets and Planning Management 3
GHL 6381 Strategic Decisions Making in the Hospitality Industry 3
GHL 7337 Human Resources in Hospitality 3
GHL 7361 Hospitality Marketing Analysis 3
GHL 6360 Graduate Directed Practicum 3
GHL 6191  Project Development 1
GHL 6291 Project Implementation 2

Elective Courses Semester Credit Hours
GHL 6329 Negotiations for Services Industry 3
GHL 6334 Pricing and Revenue Management 3
GHL 6317 Innovative Hospitality Technologies 3

Sample Degree Plan

The degree plan is void if attendance is interrupted for more than one calendar year. Course work shown on this degree plan may not be applied toward a doctoral degree. The degree plans cannot be signed if there are blanks remaining on this form. Once the degree plan has been signed, changes must be made by filing a general petition.

Executive Master of Hospitality Management Sample Degree Plan 2016-2017

Course Waivers and Substitutions

Core curriculum hours cannot be waived under any circumstances.