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Certificate in Hospitality Decision Making & Analytics

Required Credit Hours: 12

The following courses are required of all students pursuing the graduate certificate in Hospitality Decision Making & Analytics.  For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Required Courses: 9 credit hours

HRMA 6330 – Statistical Data Analysis in the Hospitality Industry

HRMA 6360 – Graduate Directed Practicum

HRMA 6397 – Selected Topics: Business Analytics


Elective Courses: 3 credit hours. Choose 1 course from the following options (Not all elective courses will be available every semester):

HRMA 6381 – Strategic Decisions Making in the Hospitality Industry

HRMA 7369 – Hospitality Financial Assets & Planning Management

HRMA 7334 – Pricing and Revenue Management in Hospitality

HRMA 7361 – Hospitality Marketing Analysis


Course Waivers and Substitutions

Above course hours cannot be waived under any circumstances.