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Acknowledgement of Health Insurance Notification

The Student Health Center facilitates the reporting and communication functions on behalf of the university. The Student Health Center does not interpret/update a student's visa status, residency, class enrollment or determine who the university requires to maintain health insurance.

All international students, regardless of their visa status, are required to acknowledge that they have read and understand the University of Houston International Student Health Insurance Requirements each Fall and Spring term.

A HOLD is placed on an international student's university account each Fall and Spring term that they are eligible to register for classes. The HOLD will automatically clear once the acknowledgment is completed.

The university identifies a student as international at the time the Health Insurance Notification hold is placed. A change or correction, including but not limited to, a student's international status, class registration, or their decision to not register for classes does not remove the hold. The hold cannot be manually reversed.

Contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office with any questions about your international status.

Please acknowledge this notification by going to the Acknowledgement Center page located within your university account (AccessUH).

Contact UIT Help should you have any technical issues.

Once you have acknowledged this notification, the hold will clear automatically.


    1. Log into your university account (AccessUH)
    2. Click on the UHS Acknowledgement Center
    3. Click to view the International Student Health Insurance Requirements
    4. Read the International Student Health Insurance Requirements
    5. Complete the Acknowledgement
    6. The Hold will clear from your account.