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The Latest Updates on COVID-19

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Flu Shots Clinics

Flu shots are available to students by appointment at the Student Health Center.

Self-Pay Cost: $35.00
Transferred to student's university financial account

Students Enrolled in the UHS endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan:
No out-of-pocket cost

Go to the Healthy Coog Patient Portal for Students to select an appointment time, complete required consents and update your health history and patient profile.

COVID-19 News and Updates from the Student Health Center

Beginning August 24th, the Student Health Center will offer Telemedicine and limited in-person services in the General Medicine, Men’s and Women’s Health Clinics.

The Psychiatry clinic will continue to offer TelePsychiatry Services.

Walk-in/In-person inquiries or requests for appointments will not be available.

The Campus Pharmacy will offer limited contact services.

During business hours, you may contact us at 713-743-5151 and we will assist you per our normal business hours procedures.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

On-Campus Testing

The Student Health Center provides COVID-19 testing for students, faculty and staff who are symptomatic or have been exposed to COVID-positive persons.

ALL STUDENTS and any ON-CAMPUS faculty/staff: Call the Student Health Center at 713-743-5151 to determine if COVID-19 testing is right for you.

FACULTY/STAFF who telecommute: Worried about symptoms or exposure and solely telecommute? Contact your health care provider for further assessment.

Learn more about on-campus testing

General Medicine, Men’s and Women’s Health


The General Medicine, Men’s and Women’s Health Clinics will continue to operate via Telemedicine.

For the safety of our patients and staff, in-person appointments for acute illness or injury will be scheduled only after an initial telemedicine consultation/triage in which the provider determines an in-person visit is medically necessary in order to provide treatment or care.

You must be residing in the state of Texas at the time of your Telemedicine appointment. Students who will not be in the state of Texas at the time of their appointment will be required to seek medicine attention in the state they are currently located.

In-person appointments for General Physicals/Annual Exams in our General Medicine and Women’s Health Clinics, immunizations and lab services are available.



The psychiatry clinic will continue to offer TelePsychiatry services this fall to support our students.

New and existing patients should contact the office at 713.743.5149 to schedule a telepsychiatry appointment.

If you are unable to reach the staff at the Student Health Center and have a medication concern after hours, you should call the Memorial Hermann Nurse Line at 713-338-7979, go to your nearest Emergency Department or call 911.

Students who will not be in the state of Texas at the time of their appointment will be required to engage in psychiatric services by a licensed provider in the state they are currently located. Please contact the office, if that is the case for additional information.

Campus Pharmacy


The Campus Pharmacy will offer limited contact services.

New prescriptions can be sent electronically from your provider. Contact the Campus Pharmacy by phone with your refill or transfer requests.

COVID-19 Testing

If you have symptoms and questions, this tool from Harris County will help determine whether you may need further assessment or need to be tested for COVID-19, and direct you to testing sites.

Start Self-Assessment

City of Houston

Medical Services

  • General Medicine Clinic

    The Health Center General Medicine Clinic offers services at affordable cost to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. At our clinic you will be cared for by board certified physicians who are assisted by nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified medical assistants. Services include treatment for both short-term and long-term medical problems and injuries.

  • Men's Clinic

    The Men’s Clinic provides health care education and services that encourage men of all ages and ethnicities to implement positive lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones. We offer a full range of testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and general health screenings.

  • Orthopedic Clinic

    Our orthopedic specialist is available to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. This includes sports injuries and diseases of the bone and muscle. Referral for physical therapy may be obtained through this clinic.

  • Psychiatry Clinic

    The UH Health Center Psychiatry Clinic maintains a reputation for distinction in helping students cope successfully with challenges and stresses of everyday life to mental health as students work toward their academic goal.

  • Women's Clinic

    The Women’s Clinic provides well woman exams. Additionally, gynecological complaints are evaluated, and both contraception and STD evaluations and treatments are available. The clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner and a physician with specific training in women’s health. Referral to specialists may be obtained through the clinic.

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Sickness is expensive in terms of time and money. The University strongly encourages all students to carry health insurance. The student health insurance plan is endorsed by and designed especially for the University of Houston.

The University of Houston Health Center accepts only the University endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan. For services rendered at the University Health Center, you are responsible only for payment of any applicable co-pays and ineligible expenses for services rendered at the Health Center. The University Health Center will bill the insurance company for any eligible expenses. Services obtained outside the Health Center are subject to deductibles and co-insurance requirements for eligible expenses, and all other policy provisions/limitations.