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Medical Excuse Note Policy

The UH Student Health Center does not provide medical excuses to students in situations where there are no objective physical symptoms/findings or when a student has self-managed symptoms which have resolved without treatment from the Student Health Center.

  • If a student reports that they have already missed an academic commitment because of a prior illness/injury not significant enough to cause them to seek medical care when the illness/injury was present, they should not schedule an appointment solely for the purpose of obtaining an excuse note.
  • The Student Health Center will provide a medical excuse only if our providers are involved in the medical care of a student and the provider determines that the student would need to be absent from an academic commitment for medical reasons.
  • If a student received care for their illness or injury from a private physician, they should request their excuse note from that medical provider rather than from Student Health Center.
  • The Student Health Services does not provide medical excuses for routine health matters that may lead to missed academic commitments or work.
  • Regardless of the reason for a visit, we will provide a verification of a completed medical office visit (day and time) without specific medical information to the student upon request. This verification is NOT an excuse for work, missed classes, exams, and other academic commitments.

The Student Health Center will not provide a confirmation or denial of a student's visit dates, the reason for a visit, or medical excuse notes to faculty, staff, or other third parties.

The Student Health Center medical excuse policy is consistent with recommendations from the American College Health Association and the policies of our peer institutions. It also reflects our commitment to maintaining patient confidentiality, teaching students how to use healthcare resources appropriately, and supporting meaningful dialogue between students and faculty or their employer.