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Meet the Cougar Access Control Services team

A new team, the Cougar Access Control Services, was formed at the beginning of 2023 to create a one-stop shop for anything and everything related to access where keys or cards are required.

UH CONCISE Program Kicks Off Partnership Engagement

Facilities/Construction Management, Parking and Transportation, the University of Houston Police Department, UH Athletics, Fire & Life Safety, and other UH departments invited Houston-area community partners to campus in February to launch a new program aimed at helping the university facilitate better partnership collaboration from a logistics standpoint.

Bicycle Rack Spring Cleaning

The University of Houston Facilities/Construction Management and the University of Houston Police Department continue to clean up the bicycle racks to maintain an adequate number of bicycle parking spaces on campus and maintain the overall aesthetics of our campus.

Leadership Highlights for Facilities Services

Facilities Services is one of four units within Facilities/Construction Management. Although the main way to contact FIXIT is always through the 4 Ways to FIXIT

Sustainable Tips for the Holiday Season

This December, University of Houston faculty and staff will close their office doors and head home to spend time with loved ones. However, while we are all recharging, there may be energy wasted in our campus buildings. Remember to power-down before leaving for the holiday break!

UH Facilities Ride-Out Team 2022

Each year, Facilities Services organizes a Ride-Out Team. These dedicated indivdiuals are responsible for staying on campus when there is an emergency weather situation.

Facilities Builds Pathways Forward

Facilities/Construction Management continues to create an environment of accessibility by ensuring appropriate standards for new construction with regards to the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS).

FIXIT Service Requests

In August, the FIXIT Service Request system received a major upgrade. Facilities/Construction Management changed from the software that was over a decade old to a new software.

Custodial Appreciation Week September 11-17

University of Houston Facilities/Construction Management has over 125 in-house custodians and close to the same number of contract custodians. This is the largest team within the department and is led by Senior Director Liliana Simmonds.

New AVP for Facilities Services

Mike Oestereicher has joined the UH Facilities/Construction Management department as the Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services.

UHS Facilities Forum 2022

UH System Facilities leaders and business partners gathered to collaborate, network and gain knowledge at the 2022 UHS Facilities Forum. This year’s theme was “Digging Deeper into Sustaining Our Evolving Environment.” The event was attended by members of staff at the University of Houston, University of Houston-Downtown, University of Houston-Victoria and University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Incentive Program Anniversary for Facilities

June 2021, an exciting new recognition program was begun to celebrate the Facilities/Construction Management purpose of Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence. Custom created UH F/CM coins began to be distributed to F/CM team members committed to the Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence mindset.

F/CM Continues to Recognize Employee Contributions with Excellence Awards

With the re-emphasize on employee excellence in 2019, Facilities/Construction Management has recognized department team members who contributed to the success of the academic year. In 2020 and 2021, the recognitions were virtual but 2022 was back in-person.

UH Hosts TAPPA Conference

University of Houston staff members from the Facilities/Construction Management department hosted the 2022 TAPPA Educational Conference and Business Partner Fair in Spring, Texas.

The Hub Construction Begins

It is time to begin construction on The Hub. With the recent groundbreaking event on 22 April for The Hub project, Facilities/Construction Management is ready to move forward with the construction phase.

Semester Magazine: Spring/Fall 2021

Our tenth issue of the ‘Facilities in Review’ magazine is now available.

Key Audit in Progress

Imagine losing a key to a university classroom, a campus building, or a room full of servers, and that experience quickly turns into a security risk, especially when you have close to 23,000 keys circulating in the university.

Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2022

Facilities/Construction Management celebrates Women in Construction week 2022.

Facilities/Construction Management is expanding

F/CM will now be supporting the facilities and infrastructure at Sugar Land, Katy and Technology Bridge.

First Grant Received in Years for UH Facilities

UH Energy assists in a new EPA certified recycle truck

New Facilities Team for Labs and Research Spaces

Facilities/Construction Management continues to grow to help support the needs of the University


A brand new team has been developed that is revolutionizing Facilities/Construction Management’s responses to service requests and it is time to officially introduce them to the campus community.

The Newest Assistant Directors of Facilities/Construction Management

Over the last four months, Facilities/Construction Management has recruited three team members who will be overseeing a range of responsibilities for the department.

2022 TAPPA Conference

University of Houston staff members from the Facilities/Construction Management department hosted the 2022 TAPPA Educational Conference and Business Partner Fair in Spring, Texas.

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