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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Related

When is the deadline for submission of application materials?

  • We admit new cohorts of students annually. Please visit the ELPS Admissions page to apply to the program.

What materials do I need to submit for admission consideration?

  • Please visit the ELPS Admissions page. Additional information such as GRE, GPA and other requirements are available through the UH College of Education Office of Graduate Admissions.

Can I keep my full-time job and pursue this degree?

  • Many of our students are also full-time professionals. The program is designed for working professionals.

May I apply without having teaching experience?

  • Yes, you may apply to the M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision program of studies with less than two years of teaching experience.  However, Texas will require you to have two complete years of teaching experience before you can apply for a principal's certificate.

Course Related

Do I need to continue teaching while in the program?

  • No, however, you must have two years of teaching experience before you can apply for a principal's certificate in Texas. Because the assignments will be asking you to apply your learning in a school setting, it would be easier to complete the course work if you were employed at a school.

Am I eligible to teach once I have earned just this degree?

  • No, the Administration and Supervision Masters degree, including 160 internship hours and passing the Texas certification exams, will qualify you to apply for an administrative certification to be a principal, but it will not provide you with a teaching certificate.

What days of the week are classes on?

  • Because, most students are working full time while earning this degree, classes are generally offered Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

What is the format of classes?

  • Our classes are offered in different formats. Most typically, courses meet in the evenings for three hours. We also may have hybrid classes that meet according to the professor’s syllabus; these courses vary by semester and instructor.

How can I find certification information?

Where can I find financial aid and tuition and fees information?

Contact Information

Whom can I contact for additional information about courses, internship, principal certification and career opportunities with this degree?

  • Please contact Dr. Keith Butcher at to discuss the courses, program benchmarks, internship and career opportunities with this degree.

Department Information

How can I learn more about ELPS degree programs, faculty and staff, news updates and student testimonials?