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Students with DisABILITIES

College is challenging for everybody. It can be even more difficult if you have a physical or mental impairment as well. Every department within the University of Houston strives to ensure that ALL students succeed. If you feel you may have an impairment affecting your coursework, please contact the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center to explore what options are available to you.

If you are aware of any disability prior to enrolling in classes, you should inform the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center as soon as possible to request accommodations as necessary.

If you are interested in applying for scholarships and grants reserved for students with disabilities, please visit the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center.

Which student disabilities are protected?

“The Section 504 regulatory provision at 34 C.F.R. 104.3(j)(2)(i) defines a physical or mental impairment as any physiological disorder or condition, cosmetic disfigurement, or anatomical loss affecting one or more of the following body systems: neurological; musculoskeletal; special sense organs; respiratory, including speech organs; cardiovascular; reproductive; digestive; genito-urinary; hemic and lymphatic; skin; and endocrine; or any mental or psychological disorder, such as mental retardation, organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness, and specific learning disabilities.”

Although the section does not list specific disabilities, it gives a guideline for health and mental health providers. If you have any questions, please visit the Office of Equal Opportunity Services. It is important to know your rights as a student and advocate for yourself.

This act also mandates that colleges must accommodate individuals accordingly. Requesting accommodations does not mean that your professors and department chairs have access to your information. The University of Houston is committed to keeping your records confidential. Faculty members and program directors will not have access to your medical or psychological records without your written consent.

What if I need to park closer to my building to attend classes?

They can grant you a disabled parking permit. There are procedures for registering for these permits.

How can CAPS help me?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or are having difficulty juggling your coursework and other life stressors, please do not hesitate to talk to a CAPS clinician; they are trained to help you find the best solutions possible to issues that are troubling you. Learn more about scheduling an appointment.

Additionally, if you have a learning disability or you are struggling in your courses, the UH Learning And Assessment Offices can offer study tips and time management skills to assist you with the challenges of college.

What do I do if I feel I have been discriminated against?

You may file a complaint under Section 401 with the Office of Equal Opportunity Services. If any institution violates Section 504, it may lose eligibility to receive financial assistance from the Department of Education.

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