Zunayra Hemani - University of Houston
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Zunayra Hemani

Your anticipated graduation date
Spring 2024

Your major
Public Health

Your current occupation
Student/ Director of the Council for Cultural Activities of UH

Your Hometown
Sugar Land, TX

Why did you choose the University of Houston?
I mainly chose the University of Houston due to its incredible diversity in both its student body and its curriculum. I love to learn, and I knew that I wanted to attend a place that would challenge my viewpoints and all my preconceived opinions, and allow me to expand upon my knowledge and skills.

Please describe your experience as a UH Cougar.
My experience so far has not been even remotely (pun intended) what I thought it would be. However, even though I have only been here one year, and mostly remote, I can say with confidence that I have learned a lot. Despite the pandemic, I have gotten several opportunities to get involved and explore my passions. As a council liaison for the Council for Cultural Activities and an ambassador for the UH Women and Gender Resource Center, I was able to meet so many new people and learn more about myself, all while advocating for things that I am extremely passionate about.

What are your goals after graduation? How has your scholarship support helped you in this pursuit?
While there is still a lot of uncertainty in my future, I know that my ultimate goal post graduation is to have a career serving underprivileged and marginalized communities. I first entered school thinking I would go into the healthcare field, however after studying public health and how it takes into account the vast array of socioeconomic, environmental, social, and political factors that impact health and wellness, my interests shifted into the area of policy and legislation. Whether I decide to pursue this career by going on to law school or by getting my master's in public health, the Michael and Lisa Sachs Leadership Scholarship has given me the support I need to continue my undergraduate education at the University of Houston, where I will continue to develop and explore my passions and find the journey I want to embark upon.

What message would you like to pass along to the UH community?
Nike. Just Do It. Even though it sounds cliché, it is probably the best advice I would give someone. At UH, there is truly something for everyone, so just go for it. Find something that interests you and join/apply/start. In the past, I often would keep myself from opportunities that interested me due to self-doubt or self-consciousness. This year has truly been one of tremendous growth for me as I decided that I would no longer hold myself back, so I went for it. I saw things that I wanted to do, and put myself out there. The only thing you can do is try.