Pablo Moreno - University of Houston
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Pablo Moreno

Graduation Date:
December 2020

DMA (Doctorate in Music)

Current Occupation:
Student at UH


Why did you choose the University of Houston?
I chose UH because of the oboe teacher at the music school. He is fantastic, and the music school offered me a complete program that made me a more rounded professional.

Describe your experience as a UH Cougar?
I'm very glad and happy to be a UH graduate student. I loved the accessibility that the university has to offer new students, such as the library and the recreation center.

How has the Cougar Emergency Fund affected you?
I'm very thankful with the emergency fund because I was able to fulfill a month of rent. It took a little bit of pressure off me during the middle of the pandemic. With this help as well, I was able to focus on my dissertation instead of having to worry about other responsibilities.

What are your goals post-graduation, and how has the CEF helped you in your pursuit?
Because of the Cougar Emergency Fund, I'm able to finish my degree this December. I'm so excited. I already started applying to teaching jobs in other universities in the country. I'm going to be so happy to share with other students the knowledge I acquired at UH, and to represent the Cougar community in the state of Texas or any other country in the world.

What message would you like to pass along to the UH community?
To keep working and being focused during this time and that keep loving life under any circumstances. I think that the most valuable lesson I have gotten from the pandemic is to go outside and enjoy the little things life has to offer.