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Student Information

The Office of Institutional Research offers several reports, data sets, and quick facts on their website.

Higher Education Assessment Organizations

The following organizations offer up-to-date resources on assessments and planning:


  • Sample Size Calculator
    • The Sample Size Calculator, provided by Creative Research Systems survey software, determines the number of subjects needed in order to get results reflective of the target population as precisely as needed.
  • Effect Size Calculator
    • Calculators for effect size correlation provided by Dr. Lee A. Becker of the University of Colorado Springs.

Helpful Documents


  • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Carnegie Mellon University offers a variety of ‘how to’ documents catered to assisting departments with their assessment needs.
  • West Chester University
    • West Chester University offers universityvspecific resources which might be helpful in the future if we were to take on this project.
  • Pennsylvania State University
    • Penn State has a planning, assessment, and institutional research department and they offer links and workshops that we might want to use one day

Summer Assessment Symposium