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Division Executive Summary
The division executive summary provides a concise picture of the division as a whole. Information in the summary is collected through our departmental and division-wide initiatives.

Department Annual Reports
The annual report is designed to allow each Student Affairs department an opportunity to report its progress over the recent fiscal year. The report documents a wide range of information including yearly goals, assessment data, and plans.

Departmental Assessment Plans
Each department in the division submits annual assessment plans and summaries. Information from the departmental activities related to assessment facilitates the departmental level reporting each year.

Departmental External Review
In a seven-year cycle, each department in the division has or is scheduled to undergo an external review. Each department shares the outcomes of the review and their plans for continuous improvement after the final report.

Tableau Dashboards
Tableau visualizations for DSA related data. Login required, contact Scott Radimer if you need access.