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Undergraduate Internship Course

Internship Director: Professor Xavia Karner
495 Philip G. Hoffman Hall
(713) 743-3961

The Department of Sociology at the University of Houston offers an undergraduate internship in an effort to enhance the sociological education of students and provide them with experiences and skills that may improve their employment opportunities after graduation. The Department hopes that the internship will serve to demonstrate to community organizations and agencies the skills of our students and their potential value as employees.

Make a smart career move!

Enroll in the Sociology Internship Program (SOC 4394). If you are close to graduating—a junior or a senior—and a Sociology Major or Minor, the internship program is perfectly designed to help get you ready for your next career move. 

As the job market gets more competitive, it’s important for you to have an edge—something that helps you stand out from other applicants and internship can help you do just that.

Half of our interns (50%) the last semester we offered this program received job offers from their internship placement agencies. In part, we think it’s because Sociology training teaches students to think critically, communicate clearly, analyze information, and other important skills employers seek. Of course, employers also want applicants with experience—and this is where an internship opportunity can be the most valuable.


  • Field experience in an agency for 90 hours (about 6-7 hours per week for the 13 weeks of the semester)
  • Attending three group classes with the other interns
  • Two Skype or in person meetings with Professor Karner
  • Final project (paper, video, or other format) in which you use sociological concepts or methods to discuss your internship agency and/or experience. 


  • Sociology major or minor
  • Senior or junior standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA in sociology courses
  • SOC 3300
  • Nine additional hours in sociology
  • Consent of instructor

Procedures for Enrolling:

Please contact Landis Odoms ( so that he can register you for the course. Then, once you are enrolled Professor Xavia ( will be in touch with you about finding a placement that matches your interests. Feel free to email Professor Xavia with any questions you may have.