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Launching the New Center - START

START represents the newest addition to the University of Houston’s Psychology Research and Services Center (PRSC). Established in 1986, the Psychology Research and Services Center (PRSC) is a large behavioral health training clinic that provides both general mental health services for adults and children, as well as specialty care through its many specialty clinics: Anxiety Disorder Clinic, Anxiety and Health Research Lab / Substance Use Treatment Clinic, Center for Couples Counseling, Center for Forensic Psychology, Child and Adult Assessments, Children's Intervention Services, Sleep and Anxiety Center of Houston (SACH), Adolescent Diagnosis, Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment Center (UH-ADAPT), and Trauma, Emotion, and Anxiety Center of Houston (TEACH).

As a training clinic, the PRSC offers a unique opportunity for our graduate students to receive evidence-based clinical training with clients from a wide range of economic, cultural, and racial/ethnic backgrounds. The clinic allows faculty to monitor closely students’ initial professional development and to provide educative feedback very early in the training process. As a public service, the PRSC has operated on a sliding scale fee-for‐service basis for many years, providing psychological services to UH students and people in the community who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

START will be housed initially in the PRSC, building on existing programs for child and adult anxiety disorders on the UH campus. The clinical services and research programs in the PRSC will be moved to the new Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II (HBSB II), planned to be completed in 2017.