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Graduate study in psychology at the University of Houston is a blend of the traditional and the innovative. We share with many psychology departments the goal of providing an excellent education in basic psychological theory and methods. The department also has an explicit commitment to focusing that scientific education on solving problems of society. This focus qualifies our graduates for a wide variety of professional positions in academic, research, and service settings, such as industry and medical centers.

Our location in Houston, with its large and rapidly expanding population of governmental, medical, business and corporate entities, as well as its diverse population, creates needs and opportunities for psychology here that are unequaled elsewhere. The Psychology Department takes advantage of the proximity of these resources, sponsoring practicum and internships with major corporations and both public and private health facilities.

The Department of Psychology offers Ph.D. programs in four areas: Clinical, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Industrial/Organizational, and Social Psychology. The Department does not have a terminal Master's program; although, Ph.D. students earn a Master's degree in the process of fulfilling doctoral requirements.