Spring 2018 Lab Staff

Spring 2018 Lab Staff

Photo credit: Melisa Ibora Williams

Here is our new lab staff picture. These are the hard workers who put together the research in our lab. Those in bold text are the newest members of the lab. Please take a look at our People section to learn more about them!

Pictured, in front of the cougar from left to right: Melissa Ibora Williams, Sahar Ahmeds, Sofí Gonzalez, Emmanuel Nwaobi, Alexa Guevara, Karina George, Zainub Mallick, Laura Lay, Zainab Arif, Lili Ramos, Dr. Hanako Yoshida, Lichao Sun, Aakash Patel, Kevin Dang, and Carolyn Nguyen.

Behind the cougar: Vince Bui

Not pictured: Megan Whelen, Frankie Torres, K. Kelly Meine, and Melissa Montenegro