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Minor in Psychology

To Declare Minor:

  • Must complete BOTH forms (Minor Degree Plan and General Petition Form)
  • Have no financial delinquency holds from UH Student Financial Services
  • Cumulative UH GPA of 2.0 or higher (students with no UH coursework must wait until GPA is established)



  • 18 hrs in Psychology: PSYC 2301, PSYC 2305, 9 hours PSYC 3000/4000 level, 3 hours PSYC any level. No course substitutions allowed!
  • At least 9 hours in the minor must be advanced (3000/4000 level)
  • All courses in minor must have a grade of “C” or higher (grades C- or lower will not be counted). The interim grading policy of Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 do not exclude this requirement. Grades of S must be equal to, or better than, a grade of C.
  • Psychology Minor GPA must be 2.0 or higher (all PSYC courses attempted at UH are considered towards GPA)
  • Residency requirement: 9 hrs of minor coursework must be completed at UH (of those 9 hrs, 6 must be advanced 3000/4000 level)
  • Completion of PSYC 2301, 2305, and 2317 (3301) may be required for some 3000/4000 level courses.


TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS REQUIRED: 18 HOURS (9 hours at 3000/4000 level)

Required courses (6 hours):                                                                             

PSYC 2301 Introduction to Psychology (formerly PSYC 1300)                                   

PSYC 2305 Intro. to Methods in Psychology + Lab (formerly PSYC 2301)

Electives (12 hours):

PSYC Advanced - 9 hours at the 3000/4000 level

PSYC Any Level - 3 hours at any level


You may email your petition and minor degree plan forms to the Psychology Department at You do not need to submit the forms in person.