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The internship is an experiential learning opportunity, whereby students actively participate in a professional environment under the tutelage of a site supervisor. Ideally, the internship enables the student to integrate classroom theory with practical experience in all types of sport administration settings including, but not limited to, professional sports, athletic administration, fitness management, recreation management, sports marketing, event management, facility management, and public relations.

Students successfully completing the internship are awarded academic credit for their participation. Even though the internship is the ultimate experience in the Sport Administration degree, students are strongly encouraged to gain experience through volunteerism or "pre"-internships. The experience gained will provide the student with insight into various aspects of the chosen organization, help firm career decisions, and provide an edge for the student - some experience is better than no experience.

It is never too early to begin thinking about doing an internship. However, this program is designed for students to do their formal internship during their last semester of school.

Students should match their experiences with their career goals. The exposure to different experiences allows the student to firm their decision for the career goals, decide upon a new career path, or figure out the parts of the industry they do not want to get into.

Experiences Before the Internship

Students are free to get as much experience as possible prior to graduation. The formal internship should be one of those experiences. However, sometimes opportunities come up that students cannot pass up.

In the event a student wants to do an internship prior to their ultimate semester then some conditions must be met.

  • If an opportunity DOES NOT require academic credit then the student is free to take the experience. No paperwork or formal agreements need to be made and no classes need to be taken.

  • If an opportunity DOES require academic credit, then additional steps must be taken.

Pre-Internships for Academic Credit

The formal internships will take place the last semester in the degree plan. However, if a student is offered an internship that requires academic credit prior to that semester there are conditions that must be met.

  1. Contact Dr. Walsh prior to accepting the internship for pre-approval. You will be directed to fill out and return an Internship Approval Form. This is needed for Step 2.

  2. Once final approval is given the student will be forwarded a registration code for KIN 4390, an Agreement Form, a log sheet, and a sample syllabus. This is a 3-hour course that will provide the student with the academic credit required for the internship.


  4. All information, communication, and requirements will be done through Blackboard, which will be available on the first day of the semester.

The Formal Internship

  1. Visit an academic advisor early in your career to establish a degree plan and know the semesters you will be taking classes.

  2. In the third to final semester (prior to registration) you must visit with an advisor in order to register for KIN 4190 Seminar.

  3. In the penultimate semester of coursework you will take KIN 4190, during which you will secure your internship. The semester you take KIN 4190 will be determined as follows:
    • Internship in the Spring: KIN 4190 in the previous Fall; visit an advisor in the previous Spring.

    • Internship in the Summer or Fall: KIN 4190 in the previous Spring; visit an advisor in the previous Fall.

    • EXAMPLE: Internship planned for Fall 2014: KIN 4190 in Spring 2014; visit an advisor Fall 2013.

  4. Your load for the internship semester includes the Internship in Sport Administration classes KIN 4690 and 4691 (12 total hours) and should not include any other classes. You should then graduate at the end of that same semester.