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Fitness & Sports

B. S. in Fitness and Sports

The B.S. in fitness and sports provides a comprehensive and integrated approach for promoting wellness across the lifespan and in diverse settings. This approach includes kinesiology, nutrition and health components. The psychological and sociological aspects of fitness and its socio-cultural contribution within the urban context is also a dominant element of the fitness and sports degree. In addition, several. physical activity practicum courses that include pre-professional training in individual and team physical activities that may be used in a variety of settings are included.

After completing the fitness and sports degree plan students will:

  1. Be familiarized with the functioning of the human body through the integration of physiological, psychological, sociological and environmental aspects.

  2. Demonstrate skills to assess individuals' body composition, dietary intake, physical activity and physical fitness levels.

  3. Be able to design, implement, and evaluate comprehensive fitness and sports programming.

  4. Be able to gain experience in several potential employment settings including corporate, school, community, government, and medical surroundings.