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Career Opportunities

Here at UH we do not focus on one aspect of the industry. We provide a general sport management education that when coupled with a student's minor will help specialize in the field. But what types of careers can you expect with your degree? Below are examples of potential jobs you could attain, broken down into categories.

Sport Team Management

  • Professional sports team
  • Club team

Athletic Administration

  • College/University athletic department
  • High school athletic department
  • Sports governing body
  • National governing body

Fitness & Recreation Management

  • College/University campus recreation
  • Community recreation
  • Commercial recreation
  • Corporate recreation

Event & Facility Management

  • Sports arenas, ballparks, and stadiums
  • Community sports authority
  • Sports marketing agencies
  • Corporate marketing
  • Retail management

Sports Media

  • Sports radio
  • Sports television
  • Sports print
  • Sports information
  • Sports publicity

Exercise Science

  • Physical therapy clinic
  • Athletic training clinic
  • Personal training
  • Performance training

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