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FY2024 Research Seed Grant Recipients

PI College Proposal Title Amount
Alexander Statsyuk College of Pharmacy Technological Platform to Produce Bi-Substrate Kinase Inhibitors $70,000.00
Mim Rahimi Cullen College of Engineering Innovations in Carbon Capture for Energy Security and Transition: Exploring Membraneless Electrochemical Solutions
Ruda Zhang Cullen College of Engineering Automated Design and Discovery of Optical Energy Devices via Bayesian Optimization: Breaking the Nonreciprocity Barrier in Thermal Photonics
Sanghyuk Chung College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Developing an mRNA Vaccine Platform for HPV-induced Cancers
Tian Chen Cullen College of Engineering Woven and Knit Textiles for Flexible and Stretchable Batteries
Zhengwei Li Cullen College of Engineering A Wireless and Battery-free Implant for Electrical Neuromodulation of Detrusor Sphincter Dyssynergia After Spinal Cord Injury