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Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure provide a conceptual framework and practical roadmap to vastly improve management of the complex system of systems that underlines the operations of a modern society.

Recent natural and malicious interruptions have revealed the lack of appreciation of the interdependence of infrastructure systems and utility networks. Our researchers are at the forefront of addressing challenges in housing, utility network assessment, requirements and impact of economic development and characterization of wind, rain, floods, wildfires, and induced hazards.

We aim to integrate our component-based research, and work closely with the City of Houston and national partners to provide solutions for continued and optimized operations, energy-efficient infrastructure systems for public and private enterprises, and be the hub of advice and support for our community.


  • data


    Utility, transportation data modeling, real-time data mining and decisions, energy monitoring and adaption data, institutional and regulatory environments
  • imaging


    Atmospheric, oceanographic, and surface imaging, coastal mapping sever weather analysis, corrosion bacterial biomarking, institutional and regulatory environments
  • automation


    Energy integration,self-regulating utility networks, construction management and maintenance robotics, automated E-W-F nexus, energy efficiency
  • materials


    Energy harvesting and storage materials, biodegradable materials in construction, retrofitting materials, sustainable composites, functional polymers
  • manufacturing.svg

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Zero environmental impact manufacturing