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Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most critical societal challenges of modern times, with international cyber-attacks considered close to acts of war. The security of our digital world affects all societal layers and systems, from young cellphone users, to nuclear power plants, multinational corporations, government and even elections.

Somewhat related, although distinct in terms of sought solutions, is physical security. This includes security of important assets, personal security in the workplace, at home, and at educational establishments, as well as the critically important border security.

UH continues to make major contributions to both cyber and physical security. We are now leveraging our pockets of excellence in both subjects through integration, convergence and partnerships with educational and corporate entities. We aim to contribute pragmatic and implementation-ready solutions to secure our physical and cyber assets, and therefore improve the quality of life.


  • drug discovery


    Communications data, screening, mining, image matching, filtering, intrusion detection, non-physical sensing, UVA/UUV/Lidar detection, institutional and regulatory environments
  • cyber-physical security


    Surveillance technology, biometric analysis, institutional and regulatory environments
  • drug discovery


    UVA/UUV, Lidr applications, automated border control devices
  • imaging


    Stable data storage, energy storage, flexible electronics, shape recognition, super-conductive
  • manufacturing.svg

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Securing the supply chain