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Frequently Asked Questions

For team sports - Registration for all Intramural Sports activities must be completed through the Campus Recreation Portal. Detailed registration instructions.

For individuals events - We encourage you to register online, however you can show up on site at least 15 min. before the event and sign up in person.

  • Students: Any student who is enrolled (at least 1 hour) at the University of Houston (Central Campus).
  • Faculty/Staff: Any person employed by the University of Houston (Central Campus) at least 0.50 FTE and benefits eligible with a current CRWC membership.

Most Intramural Sports activities are free to play with an active Campus Recreation membership. Off-campus activities (golf, paintball, etc.) usually cost extra. See the Intramural Sports main page for a list of activities offered and associated costs (if any).

Intramural sports are played at a variety of locations, including:

  • University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
  • Gertner Field, located at the corner of Cullen and Elgin
  • University Center Game Room

The Intramural Sports office is located in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Room 1007 (in the rotunda area near the glass wall looking into the Natatorium.)

For each major sport you participate in, you may only play on one single-gender (male, female, greek, open) team and one co-rec team. This includes teams representing Greek organizations – participation on a greek team counts as a player's one single-gender team. For each minor team sport and individual/dual sport, you may only play on one team.

A team may avoid a forfeit fee by contacting the Rec Sports office at 713-743-8041 or and defaulting their game no later than 24 hours in advance to their scheduled game. All weekend defaults must be called in before 4:00 pm on Friday. Teams that do not appear at their scheduled contest or are unable to produce enough players to field a team according to the rules of the particular sport will be assessed a forfeit and forfeit fee. The forfeit fee during league play and tournament play is $30. Forfeit fees will be assessed via the team captain’s student account.

In the event of inclement weather, decisions regarding playing conditions will be made before 4:00pm. The Intramural Sports program will communicate through with updates or decisions. Team captains can contact the IM Sports Office at 713-743-8041 to learn the status of the games. There is no guarantee that postponed contests will be rescheduled. Checking IMLeagues is also an accurate way of knowing of inclement weather cancellations.

No. Candidates for varsity intercollegiate programs are not eligible for intramural participation in the "related sport" in which they are participating. (This includes all players on the roster and other people who are practicing with the team). To be eligible, participants must not be listed on the Varsity roster (or "equal list") in the same or related sport for that academic year. Exceptions may be granted to any player that was listed on the roster for less than three weeks. Please contact the intramural sports office if you have any questions regarding participant eligibility.

Yes, members of sport club teams are eligible for intramural competition in the sport in which they compete for the club. It should be noted, however, that Intramural Sports teams are limited to 2 'related-sport' club players per roster in all sports. In addition, club players participating in their related sport must participate in the highest competition level available (ex: a male club soccer player is not eligible to play for a men's recreational soccer team if there is a competitive league offered). Please contact the Rec Sports office if you have any questions regarding participant eligibility.

Sportsmanship points are a reflection of the team’s attitude before, during and after an Intramural Sports event:

A team will receive a maximum of 4 POINTS

  • Players/Teams/Spectators being assessed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, technical fouls or yellow cards.
  • The team captain has full control of his/her teammates.
  • Team/individuals who gain illegal entry to a facility prior to the playtime.

A team will receive a maximum of 3.0 POINTS

  • A player or team persistently argues the official’s judgment during the game.
  • A team uses an ineligible player.
  • Players/Team/Spectators do not comply with the request of a staff person.
  • They default a game.

A team will receive a maximum of 2.0 POINTS

  • A team forfeits a game, the $30.00 forfeit fee still applies.
  • A player is ejected from a game.
  • A team, player or spectator is involved in a physical altercation.
  • A team/player persists with rough play after being issued an Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  • A player, team or spectator uses abusive language or gestures toward a participant or staff member.

A team will receive a maximum of 1.0 POINTS

  • Team, player or spectator makes intimidating physical contact with staff.
  • A team, player or spectator threatens harm or violence toward the staff.
  • Players/Team/Spectators use racial epithets, anger-motivated outbursts, demeaning, degrading, and derogatory statements or homophobic comments before, during or after a game.
  • A team forfeits a game due to team/fan misconduct (also receives an automatic loss for their next scheduled league or playoff game).
  • A team/player/coach leaves the bench area for any reason to participate in an altercation. The team also receives an automatic loss for their next league or playoff game.
  • Players/Team/Spectators vandalize equipment, the facility or property.
  • Based on the severity of the infraction the team and/or individuals may be referred to the Dean of Student Office.

This list is not all-inclusive. Not all listed criteria must be present to issue a particular rating. If a 1 or 0 rating is issued, the team captain must meet with the Intramural Sports Admin before the start of the next scheduled game. If this meeting does not take place prior to the next scheduled game, the offending team will forfeit that game.

*Note: Procedural unsportsmanlike conduct violations (example: Basketball/Soccer – Technical foul/yellow card for too many players on the court/field) will not count against a team’s sportsmanship rating for the game.

Intramural/Sport Clubs Spectator Policy keeping in mind that the facility was not designed for a large volume of spectators during team practices and competitions, and the need to provide a safe and secure environment for all members anyone wanting to bring in a guest for the purpose of only observing a sporting competition has one option: A CRWC member may purchase day pass for each guest. Guest must provide a valid photo ID and sign a waiver at the Welcome Desk - Member Services.

Great! Come and prove it. We are always looking to hire quality officials. Visit our official's training page. Hope to see you come out and join our ranks.

If you have a question about something that isn't addressed here, feel free to contact the Intramural Sports office by phone at 713-743-8041 or email