Climate Health - University of Houston
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The Climate Health program is a University-wide effort to address challenges at the interface of population health, natural hazards, environmental equity, and climate change through transdisciplinary research, education and training, and community outreach and engagement.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advance climate health science through novel research, interdisciplinary education and training programs, and multi-sector partnerships.

Vision: Our vision is to excelerate actionable solutions to ensure healthy populations for a resilient and equitable climate ready future.

Research Areas

• Air pollution and health impacts
• Natural and human/ecosystem hazards
• Carbon mitigation and climate change
• Chronic disease and climate impacts
• Flooding and health impacts
• Extreme heat and health effects
• Big data and geospatial modeling
• Climate and health equity
• Environmental justice


  • Bettina Beech headshot

    Bettina Beech

    Bettina Beech is the Chief Population Health Officer at the University of Houston and a clinical professor in the Department of Health Systems and Population Health Sciences at the UH College of Medicine.
  • Hanadi Rifai headshot

    Hanadi Rifai

    Hanadi Rifai is the director of the Hurricane Resilience Research Institute and Moores Professor in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.