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Graduate Student Mini-Grants

Applications for the 2024 Graduate Study Mini Grants are no longer being accepted.


The Population Health Graduate Student Grant Program provides support for student-led research, evaluation, and advocacy projects (e.g., education campaign, community organizing, coalition building) relevant to population health in the greater Houston area. Population health is a field of study that employs concepts and approaches from multiple disciplines to address the interrelated conditions and factors that influence disparities in health outcomes across and within groups; and inform interventions to improve quality of life and health status of population groups rather than individuals. Collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects among students and/or community organizations are encouraged.


All full-time University of Houston students enrolled in a masters, doctoral, or professional degree program who are in good academic standing (as defined by the degree program(s) in which the student is enrolled). Students must continue to be enrolled as full-time students for the spring and fall 2024 semesters. Joint submissions are encouraged if the principal investigator or a co-principal investigator meets these requirements. Projects and individuals receiving a Population Health Graduate Student Grant in previous years are not eligible for consideration.

Faculty Mentor

Applicants must identify a faculty research advisor or mentor. The application submission must include a letter of recommendation from the student’s faculty research advisor or mentor and their signed approval of the application.  

Review Criteria

Applications submitted to the Graduate Student Grant Program will be reviewed for merit by a panel of faculty. Reviewers will score applications using the following criteria.

  • Feasibility: Can this project be completed within the given timeframe?
  • Planning: Is the project well thought out?
  • Justification: Is the project aligned with the principles of population health? Will/does the project have potential implications for clinical, behavioral, or policy interventions that can improve health or health care outcomes?
  • Creativity: Does the project represent new ideas or insights or new initiatives for specific subpopulations or areas?
  • Budget: Is the budget well-organized, realistic, and cost-effective?
  • Merit: Is there evidence to show that the candidate has some expertise or experience that would contribute to the timely and successful completion of the proposed project?

Summative scores will be used to make recommendations to Dr. Bettina M. Beech, Chief Population Health Officer.

Award Amount and Type of Support

A one-time award of up to $2,500 can be used for project operations and supplies. Support may NOT be used for salary, indirect costs, foreign and domestic travel, food/catering, or expenses associated with attending a professional conference. Up to two meritorious proposals will be selected for funding (subject to available funds).