Peggy Lindner - University of Houston
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Peggy Lindner

Peggy Lindner Headshot
Assistant Professor of Information Science Technology
Cullen College of Engineering
  (713) 743-4581
  Brazos Hall 343

Peggy Lindner, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science Technology. Her background is in engineering—she earned both her bachelor's and master's degree in the field of mining & geotechnology— and she has built her career around research on data science workflows at UH since 2014. Peggy has received her doctorate degree through the University of Stuttgart's High Performance Computing Center, and her research is on emerging patterns through data in areas where qualitative and quantitative data sources come together. Those emerging patterns can inform policy decisions or measure the impact of interventions as well as improve workflows for quantitative analysis in the Social Sciences and Humanities. She also co-directs the Data Analytics in Student Hands (DASH) program, which helps students to engage in meaningful data science projects.

Research Areas
Data Curation, Computational Social Science, Science of Science